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July 13, 2021 at 2:40 AM
by Scott McKinnon

Recently one of the big 3 RPA vendors launched a new version. One subset of this version is an Automation Hub.  Really good idea with the base line concept of encouraging the community of developers and CoE the ability to organize and plan the automation journey.     

Nothing wrong with this concept.   When thinking about your innovation strategy consider this simple analogy for a framing reference. All the latest cars and trucks are equipped with GPS.   Great feature, comes in handy when driving to unknown locations for business or pleasure.  If we only drove our car every-time we needed to go somewhere, no need for the GPS on our iPhone or other mobile devices.  However, most people do use other modes of transportation.  We walk, take public transportation, rent cars when flying to new locations.  Once you step outside that nice automobile with the fixed GPS, we move to our mobile or perhaps we started there.  Additionally, that mobile device is typically integrated into how we send, receive, and consume information about our next steps.  Things like calendar, inbox, text, WhatsApp, etc. are all on that little device.  Therefore, what happens…we use that device most often for getting where you want to be!   Not because the GPS in the car isn’t wonderful, but the purpose may vary.  Same is true on your Digital Transformation journey.   

When considering an automation hub, we suggest a quick checklist:

 1.     Does your Digital Transformation journey include other technologies such as AI, ML, BPM, or Blockchain for example? 

2.     Would your organization utilize 1 or possibly several RPA solutions in the future?   

3.     Do we want to capture and curate ideas from all employees, partners, and customers? 

 If you answered ‘No’ to all questions to this checklist a single vehicle-based GPS may be for you. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any or will be in the next 24 months, we suggest looking at an Innovation Hub that has versatility.   

 Crowd sourcing RPA for next level value is an essential step in your digital journey.  Taking a more holistic approach with Innovation as a Service ensures your transformation projects:    

·       Speak the same language (ideas, challenges, ROI, project plans) and adapt this language to all transformation 

·       Achieve peak expertise, monitor experts, competitors, and trends across all transformations with radar precision 

·       Tap a community of experts (recognition, badging, sharing and discussions)  

 Coterie helps companies provide Innovation Hubs in weeks not months. Grouping transformations into a common hub will accelerate the success of each project while enhancing the overall strength and delivery of your digital transformation journey.  

Before you decide your journey is in one car’s windshield, Drop us a note! and we can show you how to get there faster!