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Innovation & Social Amplification

Innovation management at the speed of light
With an approach that emphasizes crowd sourcing ideas to reality, you'll find working with Coterie to be about results. Your results!

Inspiration needs execution. Using agile and integrated social tools designed to get results, Coterie and InnovationCast deliver results. . Build your own innovation ecosystem to connect, explore and develop ideas into tangible success. Coterie Video

Innovation Hub

  • Challenges and idea management
  • Innovation Community
  • Ideatio & Innovation Management
  • Innovation Radar

Social Ambassadors

Amplify your social engagement, with our platform. Word of mouth in the digital age, post once and your advocates amplify your message easily. Grow your business fast.

Innovation Hub
Innovation Management to speed your RPA value. Crowdsource ideas to prove your transformation project succeeds

Coterie offers the first crowd sourced enabled innovation platform to quickly turn ideas to results. Built on the award winning InnovationCast platform, Coterie delivers results with ready built innovation hubs for RPA, AI, BPM, IoT, Blockchain and other transformation initiatives.

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    Employee Innovation

    Finding solutions is easier when the right questions are asked. Go beyond a suggestion box approach and help users to communicate the value of their ideas to address your needs.

    No more popularity-driven participation! Benefit from a feedback-based voting experience that inspires participation and yet hides an advanced scoring system that surfaces the most promising ideas. Every vote creates an opportunity to improve the idea and help understand its value.

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    Idea Challenges

    Don’t let ideas drag. Call for ideas with time-bound campaigns. Launch a meaningful challenge in minutes and sustain participation every day.

    Crack complex problems by involving people with complementary skills, experiences and mind-sets. Allow them to co-create and brainstorm on different perspectives for multiple solutions.

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    Innovation Radar

    Activate your human networks by giving your people/workforce the means to easily share what they are discovering everyday in the ‘real world’. Actively search for unforeseen improvement and growth opportunities by channeling significant information into and throughout your organization.

    Define targets, capture insights and follow up with trackable recommendations.

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    Innovation Community

    Innovation is about making connections. In our approach users can name and @mention all the entities in the system (people, blogs, ideas, signals, etc). We enable connections that otherwise wouldn’t occur and make every single piece of content addressable.

    Nurturing an innovation community requires having the ability to engage and inspire. Easily share news about what is happening and inspire users to participate.

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    Innovation Analytics

    The return on innovation doesn’t need to be the elephant in the room any longer. Track everything you get out of your innovation engagement.

    Keep an eye close on what’s happening to know when to minimize risks and when to get to results faster by accelerating with confidence.

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    Innovation Opportunities

    When it comes to innovation even the most promising ideas can be flawed. You need to validate their potential value, fast. Enable teams with a clear process and appropriate tools to find if your ideas work, without breaking the bank.

    By validating the potential value of ideas and proving they can work, you can invest incrementally into well-grounded innovation opportunities.

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