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Innovate 3x3

Capture new revenue opportunities.
Engagement models have changed. How you collect ideas, deliver transformation, and simply communicate with your employees and customers needs to be itself innovative. Everyone has an “it”. The magic is delivering the “why” at the right time and repeatably.

Where to start is the biggest challenge, we will put you on the road with down to earth but engaging ideation and innovation management capabilities to crowdsource ideas and get them to market. Or perhaps extending your reach through mobile applications that engage your employees and customers, to truly differentiate you in a digital first age.

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Problem: The best ideas come from customers and employees. Capturing and identifying them is too often left to chance.

Coterie Solution: Remove the guess work with an engaging ideation platform that is fun and engaging.

Your customers and employees have ideas. That new feature, for a cool mobile app or want to engage your customers or employees to rapidly design a new revenue stream. Coterie has a unique platform that allows us to crowdsource ideas and develop a pilot in days not months.


Problem: Watching good ideas fail to get to market or in your operations.

Coterie Solution: Innovation management platform with workflow and accountability to deliver the best ideas to revenue or savings.

Coterie has partnered with Google funded InnovationCast, that is changing the way Ideas are crowd sourced and taken through projects. Focusing your innovation strategy on revenue producing ideas achieve payback faster than tech for the sake of tech.

Mobile Apps

Problem: Hybrid workplaces have changed sales and employee engagement.

Coterie Solution: Engaging mobile applications to get your value to your constituents at the right time and in a new formula.

Hybrid work and selling is here to stay. The traditional ways you engaged customers or employees with emails, calls or meetings will no longer work. No problem, engage your employees simply with smart apps to encourage participation and most importantly engagement.

How many people do you see in stores, restaurants and even their cars scrolling through the mobile. There is no denying it is the preferred engagement platform. But where to start? Coterie helps our customers identify engagement points that lift performance and provide new channels to reach your prospects.

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