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February 2, 2022 at 6:00 AM
by Scott McKinnon

Whether you are a small business or a mid to large business, your brand matters and how your brand finds itself into the right talk stream matters. Overwhelmingly, buyers want to buy from organizations they trust.  With the new COVID induced cultural transformation the question becomes how best to use channels that are both lower cost and effective in elevating your Brand.  

 We have all heard it before and we all know it. The best source of leads is what?  “Word of mouth”.  It has been this way for ages.  Your grandfather heard about a service or a product from a neighbor, so it was worth trying. Perhaps that recipe was shared at a community event. We all have stories of a lead or a deal coming our way, because of information from a ‘trusted’ source.   

 These days there are so many ways to communicate with potential customers.  Maybe too many.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. all have unique qualities, unique characteristics, and certainly unique followers.  Some of these channels may be right for your business while others may not. Some of these channels may be followed by your potential customers and others less.  In any case, don’t guess wrong and miss opportunities.   

 What if you had a way to amplify your message regardless of the channel? Share the good stories, the best advice or the case study that will make you the trusted source.   At Coterie we are in the business of innovation, and when we see things that work, we want to share.  

 One of those innovations is Brand Amplification.  But the truly innovative aspect of it is the low cost to enable your trusted advocates (employees, partners, and customers) to share the good news.  Oh yeah, and the sharing isn’t work for them either.   It can actually be fun, easy and help them build their own personal networks.   

 If you are looking for a no cost advertising program and you know your potential customers are in social channels, we can help.  In a quick discussion of understanding your goals, we can show you how to magnify and amplify your message immediately.  Coterie also has relationships with innovative tools to get you started. So, in the name of Innovation, let’s work together and amplify your BRAND! Free Trial Link to Funnel Amplified.