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Selling 3x3

Reshape your sales tactics for today's market.
Our world turned to digital with the first COVID case diagnosed. Were you ready? Very few were, but the good news “what good looks like”, is starting to be realized. This includes new sales technology and learning new habits. Get them wrong, you lose quickly. Getting them right, you take back control.

This sounds easy, but often something breaks downs between sales goals & execution. We can help you break big goals into bite sized actions. Breaking annual goals into weekly priorities and making sure your daily tasks address your highest priorities.

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Sales tech + Digital habits

Problem: New tech is fun and exciting, but not aligned with activity and intention leads to unexpected challenges and a budget drain.

Coterie Solution: Identify the right tech for your team and wrap it with the right habits to maximize the value.

There is an overwhelming amount of new sales tech: rep engagement, social networking, AI, personality tools, intent data. Where to start. Not only can we help you assess the right sales tech, we can help you build habit programs to ensure it is used effectively with the right messaging.

Social selling + Engagement

Problem: Old sales channels are crowded. Your team needs new skills and tactics.

Coterie Solution: Skilling your team with a new engage tactics with repeatable consistency and professionalism.

Your reps need to learn new tactics to engage with prospects. This doesn’t include the predictable spamming on LinkedIn. This involves smart networking and meeting your customers where, when and how they want to engage.

Simplified message + Tactics

Problem: Pitch is too long and sounds like your competitor.

Coterie Solution: Bite sized messages without the jargon. Re-usable and easy to insert into many methods of outreach.

Jargon, acronyms and more cloud based BS. There are a lot of agencies that get paid by word count, but your reps need simple messaging to engage your target audience. Let's make it simple.

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